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I need to figure out the exact differences to the Afternic network. I ran into a problem recently with the fast transfer network and certain registrars. A rep from Godaddy/Afternic said that there really wasn’t that much difference anymore between the fast transfer and the standard network.

I don’t mind having to manually transfer names, my issue is making sure the names get as much exposure as possible.  What afternic told me, seems to contradict the information on their website. They standard network is missing numerous popular registrars that seem to participate in the fast transfer network only. The information also states that the fast trasnfer network reaches 70 Million searches a month to around 35 Million from the standard network.

Hopefully they just haven’t updated their information, but I did a few random checks on names that were not in the fast transfer network and they did not show up at those registrars. On the few registrars that support both platforms the sedo listing showed up but the Afternic did not.

This concerns me a lot, because especially with my style of domaining, the more exposure I get within the registration path the more names I’ll sell.

I started looking into this because it seemed like something was wrong. I went from selling more names at Afternic, to an overall  slow down and more names selling through Uni, Godaddy premium, and BrandBucket.

I emailed a few contacts within Godaddy/Afternic, to see if they could investigate further, but they were both out of the office for several days.

My plan is to continue to investigate the differences and come up with an overall better plan. ‘

It’s not all bad, often the names will sell for more is they’re brokered through Uniregistry, it’s just not as many with BIN. Also at the beginning of this journey I sold most of my names just through Godaddy, because Godaddy premium was the only place I listed with consistency. Sure I’d eventually put them on Afternic and Sedo, but it would take me too long, and most of the time I didn’t add prices.

So it’s probably a good idea to check and make sure your names that have BIN pricing are showing up in the network registrars. Try entering the exact domain, then variations to see if your name gets suggested. Leave comments on your findings or anything else you might have to say about this. If you do comment, it might take me a few days to respond. I’m fishing a tournament again tomorrow and then after hopefully I’ll sleep for at least a whole day to make up for staying up for 40 hours straight.

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2 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Saturday, March 16th”

  1. I’ve noticed similar issues with Afternic. I’m personally selling more through GD premium than anywhere else.

  2. Interesting, I thought I had noticed this as well. I did some more checking around today. Here are some of the registrars that I found that are not showing non-fast-transfer domains: Domain, Dotster, Enom, Hover, Moniker, and NameSilo.

    And, here are some that do show non-fast-transfer domains: GoDaddy, Epik, Name, NameCheap, Network Solutions, and Register.

    I would be interested to hear what you find out on this.

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