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I heard a news story today on the way to work that I thought was funny. Apparently this guy was arrested on felony charges for operating a dental business in his basement without a dentist license or credentials. He bought the equipment on ebay and was taking cash payments only.

First off, what would possess someone to think they could just do dental work successfully? I imagine it went down like this: he’s browsing ebay, not really looking for anything in particular, comes across the dental equipment and things, “well that looks like a good deal”. The listing probably said something like “everything you need to operate your dental business. So he thought, “hmmm, can’t be that hard right”.

So he wins the bid, watches a few videos on YouTube, and starts the fixing teeth.

I doesn’t seem like there are any victims here, Only adventurous people that want to save a few bucks on dental work. I doubt anyone  going to some dude’s townhouse basement to get their teeth cleaned gives a crap whether he’s licensed or not. I’d probably draw the line at root canals, but you get what you pay for. Maybe he did a fine job for those seeking a cheap solution for tooth health.

Imagine the prison conversations.  What did you do to end up in here? I operated as a dentist in my basement and got caught illegally fixing teeth.

In domain news, I have a few domains auctioning at DropCatch. I’ve listed some of them below. I’d really like this to expand into a successful aftermarket for privately owned domains, so take a look. I think it would be good for all of us.  It seems like lately all the domains I’ve sold have been between 2 or 3 people.


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  1. The layperson thinks a bad filling is the worst thing that can happen with an unlicensed dentist. No. If that person doesn’t use proper infection control and instrument sterilization, you can get Hep C and the like. That’s assuming they sterilize at all. An unethical/incompetent dentist can mess you up much worse than you think. Be nice to them.

    1. That’s a good point Tony, I just figure if you’re willing to seek dental services in a basement from someone that bought the stuff on ebay, your just as much at fault as the fake dentist. I’m curious as to what’s going through the persons head that thinks he could do it effectively and not run into problems. An unethical incompetent dentist seems like an unsustainable business model even if they were certified. I guess it makes sense, they should be charged with a crime just for being so stupid, not to mention endangering others who are also not very bright.

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