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I was looking over my paypal statement the other day and I saw a few $2 and $3 charges that looked like they were from Facebook. I had no idea what they were from, but it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility that I had paid for something and couldn’t remember. I filled out a dispute but didn’t hear anything back so I called them.

It wasn’t the easiest process because, after going through the different menus, the system told me to go online and fill out a dispute. I finally got a hold of an actual person and the transferred me to someone else. Turns out they had know idea what the charges were for either, they opened disputes on all of the charges and then issued me a new card.

I almost said, well shit, don’t cancel the card, it’s only a few dollars. Who want’s to wait for a new card in the mail and then have to go through and update every single auto pay you have in existence. I can guarantee someone’s not getting paid on time next month. But not taking care of it would have been really stupid. The moral of the story is to check your statement and make sure some D-bag isn’t stealing money from you, and with charges only a few $’s it would have been easy to miss, until they bought something big.

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The No Bid List  relax and get rid of all your stress  An all access pass that’s good even during peak times and holidays  Who is the better Booth domainer? 🙂  something to do with blockchain block size and so on, I don’t know enough about how it works to have an opinion  Look up a brand and see if it’s part of a bigger company and find related brands  it’s not the real thing, but it really looks like it.  a snow plow company different ways to think  Updates everyday on things you should know never peaceful always in chaos  a marketing name for something that normally cost more money fast  A mountain vacation destination  When you’re really good at something but you’re not supposed to be  Money that grows on trees and it’s ripe for the picking writing done by an actual hand and not a computer  help for idiots  taking mortar fire? Find out where the last impact occurred in real time. Probably more helpful if it were launch alerts.  create your own invoice’s with the toolkit  You’ve overstayed your welcome  makes logo’s so good for such a cheap price  you’ll think they’re stealing them  throw up a quick wall in a minute or less knows everything there is to know about being a mom  Because you don’t wanna be buried with other people. Who gives a shit at that point  anti glare product  Normally said as Tort Reform, but seems like an imperative statement this way  take a mountain vacation  seafood or pirate treasure  sometimes you need to be smacked hard upside the head  a guide to figuring out what kind of raw fish you’re eating  Old stuff lying around turned into money  lol, send the vegetarian in your life to rehab, so they learn to eat meat again  for those difficult questions  dancing  Measure wind resistance

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