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I forgot that enom expired inventory now goes to Godaddy. I was reminded today while going through the list and seeing names that looked familiar.

I thought I was caught up on my Godaddy renewals so I wasn’t expecting to find names that I own or used to own up for expired auction, then I saw one that I was pretty sure I owned, I never really know for sure since I’m such of mess.

I checked the whois which was redacted but when enom showed as the registrar I knew it was probably mine. So before doing any more work on this post, I had to start transferring about 40 domains that were expired. Why were there that many expired domains at enom? Because I’m stupid and do the same stupid things over and over lol.

Here’s a tip for dealing with enom, or Netsol and a few others that make it a pain in the ass to get your auth codes. Call their support and request all authcodes for all your domains at some point when you’re feeling motivated to talk to customer support that knows nothing about domains. You don’t have to transfer them right away just store the info.

I keep the email that they send, that way I can search for the email, as I’d never find it if I tried to store it somewhere else. Maybe it’s a security risk, but If I had to do a risk benefit analysis on the whole situation, I’m sure I’d find I’m the bigger risk of losing my domains than them getting stolen from poor handling of auth codes

Netsol and Register are the obvious horrible authcode culprits, I’m actually not sure if enom gives you the codes easily before they expire or not, but after they expire you have to jump through hoops.

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The No Bid List Keep life interesting with a daily adventure Alert makes you think whoever’s running your healthcare is ready for anything Don’t know what you do with it, but it’s a good name intrinsically. Be a great email if you were an army doctor Maybe a marketing name for products used during the summer. Sounds like a name for the study of book writing probably wouldn’t ever sell with the suffix, but who doesn’t like crafting brains? Long, but who cares, you won’t be writing anything else No kids allowed WTF is a fox camel A negative name, but I like it for a billboard. Follow it up with a question mark, use it as a new career marketing campaign Get high and socialize Double your income I live in one of the more well known counties with this name, lots of tourists here looking for the Amish food, and lot’s of Amish that make things to sell to them. Use if for an email hire an agent to find you a mate Help to stop being selfish Our Son has bids and is around $200 Keep all your private crap secure This will probably me a site where you can virtue signal a bunch of things that you don’t believe in and will never do seems like a good brand for something to do with QR codes Could be anything, maybe a bar or restaurant. The logo is an intoxicated primate wearing a pirate hat A grid of sound. This is a good brand for something noise related Really fast haulers A little play on words, some people save some money A brand of solar products If you don’t like it here then move. No help at all, you have to Do It Yourself totally sounds like an attorney brand Get a job in PA you know who you are…

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NamePros I’m pretty sure I sold this to the seller a few years ago in Vegas, so I could play more craps…

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