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We went to the movies yesterday and didn’t enter any stores, didn’t even buy anything online.

The movie we saw was Knives Out, a pretty good movie overall, I don’t think it was as good as some of the reviews made it out to be.

While it was good, it had one major technical medical problem that irritates the hell out of me.

I might need to add a spoiler alert here, but not really it won’t ruin the movie for you.

I’ve talked about opiates and narcan (naloxone) in the past several times, even before it was a huge talking point. Narcan is not a new miracle drug, it’s been around for years and years, but the marketing changed because they were handing it out to everyone, police, OTC, EMS to leave at home.

Of course the price shot up and everyone seemed to have this idea that it was some new miracle antidote for opiate overdose. An opiate overdose knocks out the respiratory drive, most any opiate use slows down the respiratory rate, in fact most people that use heroin on a regular basis probably drop their respiratory rate to something that would make it seem like they weren’t breathing to the casual observer.

They dance a fine line between getting high and death.

But here’s the thing that pisses me off from the movie: (probably a reflection of the real life misconception) In the movie they project this idea that Narcan is the only thing that will counter act a morphine overdose, that the person will die, without question, if he doesn’t get it. All she needed to do was to ventilate that dude, either with a barrier device like a pocket mask, or a Bag Valve mask, or even mouth to mouth respirations.

It’s irresponsible for a movie that will be distributed all over the world to get this wrong. Most people are clueless to begin with on these simple things like CPR or tourniquets, but to mislead the public on something that happens everywhere and everyday, and that could be stopped, is horrible.

How many people will see a friend or loved one not breathing from an overdose, but still with a pulse, and think “well shit, I can’t do anything, I don’t have any narcan”

Not only do they screw this up once, they do it again. In a later seen someone is talking then stops breathing and later dies even after immediate rescue breaths were given (well chest compressions too, but they wouldn’t have been needed at that point) When you stop breathing from opiates, your heart slows down and eventually stops, but again, someone or something could breath for you indefinitely. So this scene gives the impression that CPR/rescue breathing doesn’t work. It’s complete horse shit.

They should take the time to add a PSA at the end of the movie about basic CPR and or rescue breathing, maybe even give a $2 pocket mask away at each showing. And how the hell do you spend $Millions on a movie production and can’t find one poor bastard standing around to ask if you got the medical part right?

It’s stupid and negligent. I don’t think movies should be required to try and save people and I don’t think they should be required to have a good message, but they shouldn’t do things that make a bad situation worse.

Do No Harm.

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  1. Great post today Josh.

    I have a lot to say in reply but don’t have the time. I just wanted to let you know i learned something today from your post, and I do appreciate it.


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