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I’ve never been a fan of the auction strategy that has you tag along with names that already have bids, and these three names are one small example of why:

One is over $2k the others are close. Plural .net’s on specific casino games. No traffic, no brandability complete crap as far as a name that will ever sell. If is does sell for some reason, at a price that makes the $2K “wholesale” profitable, the buying company will go out of business within a month, because they’re obviously doing other stupid shit.

I would rather blindfold myself, bang my head into the keyboard to create a letter number combination that I would then register. I would rather fling alphabet soup on the wall, finding interesting letter combinations to register as the letters slide to the floor.

Remember to think ” Will a business buy this name, could it be a brand, does it have value to a buyer” or even “does it make a cool email” asking yourself any one of these questions, or something similar, will keep you from buying expensive junk.

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3 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Saturday, September 28th”

  1. Your reverse psychology WILL NOT work on me!!

    Those 3 names are all above Godaddy’s “Estimated Value”….ABOVE. GD would not place some frivolous number on the value, would they?

    So, thanks to you, I am going to win these names…all of them! Gonna win them, renew them for 10 years each, after I win (of course) and sell them all at Namepros….or maybe some other outlets, we will see. I might even ask some NP members for values of these HOT names.

    Those members understand great names, value and deals 🙂

    So please…no more reverse psychology “help” 🙂

  2. Reference the original comment about the following domain names:

    Why would the the buying company go out of business within a month? If the buying company had a a business plan, a well designed website with seo and used these domains in its seo link wheel, then they would boost traffic as there are keywords in the domains.

    Currently ‘blackjack’ keyword in Adwords cost between £31.04 to £41.14 so if for example a company wanted a minimum of 10 clicks per day their budget would be around £300 to £400 per day times that by 7 days is £2,100 to £2,800 in pay per click advertising. So $2,000 would be a bargain.

    I personally think the original comment was not thought through very well and was uncalled for.

    One also should not rely on Robots (Api’s) to give valuations and should only be used as a comparison to previous domains sold. However not all domains are publicly listed as sold and many companies keep this information private, so robot valuations are not accurate, they only go by what the registrar has them listed for and then auctioned and sold.

    Many companies do not publicly announce how much they have sold their domain for and I for one do not announce this information as often I am bound by non disclosure agreements.

    Wishing Ike the best of luck selling your domains.

    1. There’s no traffic so you don’t have to worry about clicks. I know this because GoDaddy puts the traffic numbers (usually inflated by bots) in the auction feed.

      These type of names don’t get bought by companies anyway, they get traded around from Domainer to Domainer. The $2k is the wholesale price a day before the auction ended. So the Domainer will sell it for what? $20k?

      The company will go out of business because they suck at decision making. That’s my point. Even for an sem campaign they don’t have value, they look almost as shady as a .info.

      Your comment about bot valuations: agreed, no one should use these as an actual valuation tool, but they can be used as a sort of metric along with other info. The problem is it’s not perfect and often flawed, however the GoDaddy tool is based on sales numbers, that’s the whole point of it. They have access to more sales data than anyone in the world. None of this matters outside of a vacuum, plural .net gambling names, with no traffic aren’t salable. Buy them and prove me wrong and I’ll be happy for you, I just think you’re wasting money. That’s not an opinion if they never sell, it’s a fact.

      Maybe my comment wasn’t well thought out, it’s very possible, but it WAS called for, probably overdue. Also, to that point, who gives a shit? Are you suggesting I might have offended someone? I’ll offend people every day, if it stops just one person from buying this kind of bullshit.

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