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Summer is now in full swing and school is out of session. If you have kids you’re always trying to find something to keep them busy, if only so they don’t spend the whole day watching stupid crap on youtube. My daughter, if left to her own devices, will watch videos of people playing video games for hours. Is this what we’ve become? lol we’re now too lazy to play the games so we just watch them? She also likes watching Miranda Sings, which has to be one of the most ridiculous things I have ever seen, maybe I’m just getting old…

Like last year, we signed up for, a service that lets kids bowl everyday for free with discounted adult bowling. I’ve never been a big bowler, and I suck at it, but who cares? At least it’s not a ridiculous youtube video, and I can still beat my 8 year old even if she’s using the bumpers.

So get out and do something, you shouldn’t sit behind a computer all summer. I’m saying this as a reminder to myself more than to anyone else.


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The No Bid List  The online store for all different types of pellets for pellet stoves. Burn them to keep warm and safe on your electric bill  A site for a one of a kind thing that is fricken awesome  A rounded 3d squarish type thing, use the name for whatever you want Buzz and a color, has to be worth something  The system that recalls your self driving car when it’s gone off on its own or has gone rouge  Make an intelligent copy of something  A service that takes care of the logistics for your next big event. They coordinate the parking, security, first aid and porta pots.  two syllable 6 character name for trying new things  Cheer for your team  Make some money  placed to buy and sell luxury items  Get your stuff done  A brand for fancy chocolate covered pretzels  horses bikes, scooters  A patriotic name that protects liberty  Go in the right direction, think before you act A store or blog for raising pets or fish  study abroad  The master of laughs  reminds me of the old cornflakes commercial, taste them again for the first time  Very delicious  keep going, maybe a bridge or ferry super focused on one thing  Can’t think of a name for your new baby?  Use the naming app, it gives you suggestions and if you still can’t pick a name, hit the random generate button. Could also be branding idea app  A brand of sweatpants with elastic, no belt needed   A brand of drone or telescope  You like rockets  Use your imagination  The way to do things  fun things to do for free  Do it yourself success  dudes that work together as part of a team  ideas and help for getting fit Track your progress  A site to vote for the best food

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  1. When mine learned to walk, her favorite thing to do was unroll the bathroom tissue and pull it down the hallway. While I’m rolling it back up she’s like “what are doing?” “why?”

    More often than not it’s Legos and coloring books, mostly I’m assigned to finish coloring or completing a Lego build while she decides what’s next.

    Hey Happy Father’s Day

  2. .
    “we signed up for” + “So get out and do something”
    You guys have outdoor bowling down there ???
    I’m good with being outside … and I have walked over 100km (not in a bowling alley .. lol) since Saturday! 🙂

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