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There’s an Amazon distribution center not far away from where I live that recently opened. They also took over another close location, a grocery store that went out of business a few years ago. I think that site is a staging area for vehicles as there are hundreds of vans in the parking lot. At first they were using white budget rental Sprinter vans, but now there’s a mix of rental and gray prime vans driving around.

And they’re everywhere. Sometimes there’s an Amazon van at almost every gas pump at one gas station or another. I’m not complaining just making an observation, though there have been complaints from residents that feel like the town’s been invaded.

It seems like a logistics miracle when you consider all the moving parts it takes to deliver almost everything people are buying anymore, especially with same day delivery.

On the surface it looks like a monopoly that’s shutting down local small businesses, (with the help of the government 🙂 ) but it’s also an opportunity for the savvy small business to sell globally. A lot of the things I buy from Amazon are sold by another business that has Amazon fulfill the order.

In any case, I kinda like shopping from my phone and avoiding the store. I ordered from Amazon 5 times yesterday, I also went to Home Depot and sat in my truck, called their number and they brought out the order that I had placed on Friday.

Virus or no virus, I may never set foot in a store again, just to avoid the hassle.

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Domain Spotlight:

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