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Yesterday my phone stopped charging and eventually died. No problem, I drove to the AT&T store and bought a new one. It was probably time to upgrade anyway, I was running a 6s. On the drive back from the store my car tells me that there is no key detected. This message flashed off and on several times, but stayed on by the time I made it home.

Apparently my car wont start or do anything without the key fob. It has a valet key, which I always assumed you could use to start the car in the event of smart key failure. Turns out you can’t, the metal valet key is for you to keep and lock the glove box while you give the key fob to the valet.

So I texted a friend that lives close and asked him to pick me up some batteries for the key fob. I replaced the batteries and still no luck starting the car. My guess is that I fried the key fob by getting it wet, though I can’t think of a specific occurrence. I only have one key, because my dumb ass never bought a second key when the car only came with one.

I called the dealer yesterday evening but the parts department was closed. So hopefully I’ll be able to get a new key fob today, otherwise I could attempt to ride my bike to work, but it’s 110 miles one way. I have a truck, but It doesn’t have a valid inspection, (for the last 4 years) I wouldn’t normally worry about that, but I’ve already gotten a ticket for the lack of inspection.

And finally. I received a UDRP on a domain that some clown let expire, he says in the paperwork that the domain is the name of his software project. He states in the paperwork that his idea failed initially, but he is now starting the project again. He states that I am exploiting his product for my own gains.  lol.

Well buddy, I didn’t register that domain because I knew about your failed software product, hoping that someday you’d get your shit together and make something awesome, allowing me to extort you. He states that he did contact me, telling me that he had let the domain expire by accident. I searched through my emails and found a short email with an unclear subject line. I get tons of spam mail and don’t see every email. Typically I do return domains to the previous owners for a small fee, if they can prove they owned the domain and have plans for it.

I’ll probably submit a respond to the UDRP if I have time, because I don’t think he has a case. There was no bad faith, and no trademark common or registered, and no improper use of the domain that misrepresenting his product. The issue is how much time do you devote to a domain you paid reg fee, or is it a matter of principle?

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6 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, August 14th”

  1. These Mercedes bastards want me to bring the car to them so they can verify my ownership and the vin number. Then order the key and get it in 2-4 days. Oh wait it’s on back order. F U, M B.

  2. Bottom line- always get a second key. Also- you may be able to lock/unlock and start your car via their app- not sure if the fob is needed to start driving though…

    Sucks about the UDRP- that is a tough call on a reg fee name


    1. Mike, I will look into the app, that would be great. And yeah I learned my lesson on the second key. The whole fob must be fried, because it’s still supposed to work manually in the ignition. I did find a seller online that has keys for about $150, hopefully they work. I bet getting a key from the dealer is a ridiculous price.

  3. Sorry to hear about the dumbass UDRP. I would write up a short response just for the principle of it. He has to prove the points, which he can’t of course. Good luck! (And when you are done with it, make sure and triple your asking price!!!)

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