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Fishing Saturday was challenging, 25 mile an hour winds with a cold front moving in, and fish that wouldn’t bite. If all goes well I’ll be in Virginia this weekend fishing the King of the James tournament in Hopewell Virginia.  It’s a 2 day tournament with over 100 boats.

I kept thinking I was getting tennis elbow  from fishing, but I actually think it’s a combination of fishing and searching for domains. As pathetic as that sounds, the constant motion of using a touch screen to swipe up and down searching lists is making my damn arm hurt. It’s probably the fishing that strained it, but the touch screen isn’t helping. I thought being able to search through domain lists fast was a benefit, I didn’t think I’d be in pain from using a computer and fishing.  Wow I sound like such a wuss.

The tournament this past Saturday was on the Susquehanna, right next to Three Mile Island. I was expecting huge fish with two heads.


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The No Bid List  A reconciliation name  play anywhere   You fighting yourself  A site for people having a midlife crisis and want to change careers  Could be an action or a description all things craft  Learn how to do deals  Nothing late, shipping or expediting service  Magic type site  Plants that grow so fast it’s like they’re instant  your own future No thoughts  Sell helmets A pair of names to sell to Psychics, call them and ask what price you have in mind  A bike just for riding on the beach

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More Names With No Bids



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Vape, Weed and Vegan Names and  VR

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Godaddy Value BIN

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Domain Spotlight:

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  1. If you alternate between left and right hand to scroll, the problem would probably go away.

    I know from personal experience. When I was a professional poker player I had to learn to use my left hand to operate the mouse because my right hand was starting to hurt due to excessive clicking.

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