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Happy belated 5th of May, I was at work and was not able to drink any cerveza. Not only is it the only day of the year that we say in Spanish, but it’s also my sisters birthday. I know she won’t see this because I pretty sure she still doesn’t know exactly what domains are or what DSAD is all about, But Happy Birthday Joanna anyway.

I spent the day at work stealing from the local taxpayers by working on my river boat. I decided to cut the storage lockers out of each side. They leak when it rains and they take up too much room. I really didn’t have a plan, I just started cutting aluminum out of the boat with hydraulic cutters, something called a combi tool. A combi tool is a hybrid that can cut and spread, a regular spreader is most often referred to as “The Jaws of Life”. I  used a reciprocating saw for most of the cuts as the hydraulic cutters  wouldn’t reach far enough. I have most of the metal out of the boat that needed removed, but I should probably use a grinder or find something else to deal with all the sharp edges. As it stands I have more room, but it’s likely I’ll cut myself and bleed to death with all the sharp edges I left.

There was so much crap under the lockers, everything was wet and probably had been for months.  I also found a rodent nest of some sort, luckily it was empty.

One last thing on the topic of domains: There have been a couple crazy ass namepros listings on this list in the past couple of weeks. Namely .company names that someone is trying to sell, on a wholesale platform that only domainers read, for the price of ONE BILLION DOLLARS, or something ridiculously high. Besides being an exercise in futility on numerous levels, it’s just plain crazy.  Sure, you’ll never get the price you want if you don’t ask for it, and maybe, somehow, someway, someone will come along and buy it for that price, maybe I’ll grow taller too. It could happen, who knows?

I’ve responded each time these names were referenced in the comments, most comments were about how crazy it was to post them. I agree that it’s pointless, except maybe for comedic value. But just to clarify one last time, I don’t pick any of the namepros names, or check what the prices are, and usually don’t even read what they are, I just copy and paste. Those picks come from Namepro’s itself, and I post them as a courtesy, in an attempt to have a little bit of something from numerous places. I have neither the time nor the inclination to go through them.  So if they’re crazy just have a good laugh, you can comment so we can all go and mock the seller on namepros. 

Click the links for current prices, most links are commissionable and fund the operation.  This name is on flippa, but flippa sucks so bad I can’t find it to add the link. When I search all assets nothing comes up, when I specifically click the domain box, I still get nothing… Everytime it f-ing unchecks the domain box.

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