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I noticed a few names on the Godaddy list today that are coming from NameCheap. I’m pretty sure that this is the first time I noticed this. I could be wrong, maybe they’ve been sending their expired inventory to Godaddy for awhile. I’ll have to track down all the registrars and where their inventory goes. There’s an old article that Cyger wrote on DomainSherpa that lists all the expired auction platforms and which registrar farms  supply them, but there have been changes since he wrote that article.

This is the trend, and a huge money maker for the registrars. It’s free money. You register or transfer in the domain, let it expire, and they auction it off. It makes business sense, I’m not sure why all registrars don’t participate in some sort of expired auction process.

Namebright just started their own expired auction. I think at the moment it’s only HugeDomains expired inventory and not the whole Namebright network, but I could be wrong.

As far as I know Uniregistry doesn’t have an expired auction process, but I assume they will in the future.

I’ve said it before, I think that fundamentally expired auctions go against the intended domain life cycle and built in safety measures.  But they don’t listen to me 🙂 , even if they did it’s too much free money to pass up.

If registrars keep sending all their inventory to Godaddy, then Godaddy will eventually take over the world. They’re not like namejet where the domain goes back and lives at the sending registrar, all the names that get picked up at auction transfer to Godaddy.  Next year when the domain expires again, Godaddy will auction it off again and get all the money.

Before Travis tracked the auction results, I would go through namebio and find the prices. Some names were auctioned and got bids 3 or 4 years in a row. I can only speculate that there’s a bunch of aspiring domainers, buying theses names based off the Godaddy valuations and it takes them a year to realize they bid on a name that won’t sell. I’m surprised that the other auction platforms don’t list traffic numbers and make more of an attempt to show some sort of valuation number.

I got stuck at work today for an extra 24 hours, I’m going to bed. Use your imagination for what I would write for the below names.


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3 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, October 16th”

  1. I wonder if the guy meant to bid in rupees for the Indian Hub domain? 50k rupees is almost $700

  2. Yes, NameCheap is now sending expired domains to GoDaddy Auctions. Here’s the reference where they started doing it ( And while I’m not tracking auction partners on the DomainSherpa reference page any longer, I am doing so within DNAcademy. Students can find it here:

    I see smaller registrars sending their expired domain names to GoDaddy Auctions as a great way for them to bring in an additional revenue stream. But I can’t help but think that it was the same back in the early 2000s when small and large merchants alike added their products to Amazon as an additional revenue stream. It simply taught consumers to go to Amazon whenever they wanted anything.

  3. “ WTF is this all about? One bid at $50K”

    Why, that would be garden variety shill-bidding, naturally! Thanks, GoDaddy, for obstinately keeping all those bidder ID’s anonymous …and helping scammers game your system in the process.

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