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I sold a name yesterday on Afternic for $800 more than the landing page buy it now, that was displayed across the top of the page in big numbers.

This isn’t an anomaly it happens all the time, and I’ve talked about it before. I still think it’s a testament to the impulse buys in the registration path as well as overall inefficient aftermarket, coupled with buyers that have no idea what they’re doing.

But I ran in to something a few weeks ago on 2 different names, that made me reconsider my overall opinion. The buyers contacted me through whois, looking for a price.

My standard answer, if I don’t want to deal with it, is to tell them to click the link at the top of the landing page to buy the domain. Apparently the for sale lander doesn’t always resolve, possibly depending on the ip location.

I know that one inquiry came from France, can’t remember where the other came from, but the buyer told me that nothing came up when they typed in the domain. I checked and it worked on my end, So I’m not sure if this is a bigger issue or just something weird that happened.

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3 Replies to “IKE’S LIST OF DOMAINS AT AUCTION FOR Tuesday, September 24th”

  1. I’ve seen this lander behavior before many times. I think it is related to an ad blocker I had installed on chrome which blocked all of the parking content on the page.

  2. Ublock Origin, Privacy Badger, and HTTPS Everywhere are common plugins which (rightly) break many websites. E.g. Uniregistry’s landers don’t work with HTTPS Everywhere — the user needs to allow the security exception each time to redirect from the non-https enabled domain to the lander. Soon most users will have ALL these add-ons or similar enabled.

    Other important plugins include Decentraleyes and CanvasBlocker, and also more strict security policies e.g. disabled referer headers. Dynadot (blocked http landers), Snapnames (search is broken https issues), Bodis (blocked http landers), Namebio (no content, page refreshes every few seconds), Godaddy, (strange cookie issues, need to login twice, login session expire too soon), Dropcatch (adding backorders and searching often returns errors) … nearly every domain site is broken, and I don’t mean pages or landers with advertising (which should always be broken).

    There’s a growing number of individuals and networks blacklisting large parts of even major networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter, clickbait jornalism/adware sites) that attempt clever privacy hacks like browser fingerprinting, persitent local storage, obfuscating content or its origin, etc.

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