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Independence Day: Domain Shane’s Daily List of Domains at Auction for Wednesday July 4th , 2018

 Could the older domain investors have been as successful as they were without money from the adult industry?  It’s question that really hasn’t been brought up.  Probably because its done and it doesn’t really matter.  To others its taboo to talk about.  To me, its just part of domain investing history.  But as I trace the paths to success there is a lot of commonality.   One, belief in the future of domain names. Two, patience.  Three, adult material.

Adult money allowed many of the early domain investors to grow their portfolio and fill their bank accounts.  Some of the biggest guys were known for having huge portfolios of typos and adult material. Even side businesses in the adult world. Talking to a domain investor that’s been in it for 15 plus years said it was hard for him because he just didn’t feel comfortable with adult material . But he saw others making hundreds of thousands, if not millions with the names.  The same with typos.  He was able to do it “clean” with non adult name with a few slipping in (no pun intended) with bulk purchases, and stuck to typins and typos until the resell market started to become a good income source.

I’m not judging.  If I would have entered domain investing at a different place in my life I may have joined in as well. But I came in with a family and at the tail end of traffic monetization.  A family that was usually within 5 feet of me working on the computer. It was just something that I couldn’t do at that point.   It’s no coincidence that the people making adult money didn’t have children running around.  I am not saying some didn’t, just saying that makes things easier without kids around when in that world.  I also not saying that investors that made adult money wouldn’t have made millions without it. On the contrary.  They are smart. They follow the money and at the time that is where the money was.   They have made millions without any adult material as well.  It just made it easier and gave them the money to be more patient and build a better and bigger portfolio.

All things that aren’t available today.  Today’s version of typo, typin, and adult traffic isn’t there in my opinion.  It has to be done with straight flipping domains.  Which I feel is a bit harder for the new investor.  It’s why they are throwing handfuls of darts into new Gs hoping they may be the new easy money.  It hasn’t and most likely won’t work.   And I don’t see a FriendFinder affiliate money laying around either.  Just going to have to work longer and harder but the end results can still be the same .   Here are today’s names at auction. Click to see current price

And Happy Fourth of July to All Americans.  Whether you love or hate our current situation we should all be grateful for everything we have in the United States.  We fought for freedom 142 years ago and there will continue to be things you have to fight for to move forward.

Quote of the Day:  If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead, either write something worth reading or do things worth writing”  -Benjamin Franklin

Domain of the Day:      Nice sounding brand for $12.  Maybe I just like it because its close to Cultra

 Namejet and Sedo Names at Auction   If you sell netting (bird, fish, shade, packaging) this would be a good name for you.  When I asked the seller  who would want the name he sent me a list of 300 people that are in the netting business. And that the keyword is taking in 60 extensions.

41 Dot Com Domains.  No Reserve      Names like,,, and  Good letters and its met reserve at under $500   No reserve.  22 years old.  What all athletes are looking for  No bids.  Keep your car safe and warm  Nice little  You know I like them.  We’ve established that

Godaddy Domains That I Like With Multiple Bids  Not a ton of money left in magazines but Apple is about to try and figure it out  Too small of a product for me but there are bidders who disagree  One of the most valuable commodities on Earth.  22 years old   I assumed it was Spanish for Navigate but turns out its Italian and they use it as “Surf” the Internet  The hobby business continues to be billions of dollars with drones taking the place of planes and trains  Naive me thought this was just a nice 5L I could get at a good price.  Nope   You’ve heard me say I like the O in the third spot for “Of”   Nice kids brand.  18 years old  Going to be a travel name despite being .org  good name, watch the trademarks    Headed to China   Definitely going to be a place that everything is sourced ecologically and through fair trade   Can’t think of any two words that go together better than these two.  Maybe Peanut Butter and Jelly  Can’t go wrong with NNN and   We’re still doing token domains.  Just not quite as many because of the “slide”   I see a cat site.  That’s it.   Cats


Godaddy Names With One or NO Bids  Has a great opening bid.  The Chinese love this type of pattern  Could be used for many different types of training.  Was also the name of the terribly unsuccessful school that Deon Sanders founded.  no bids  Mutts make the best dogs  I don’t know what a smoke tank is or will be but for $12 I might be willing to find out  Too bad tanning salons aren’t a good business anymore 903 million Google results can’t be bad  Nice 5L with one, $12 bid  when it comes to backing up valuable stuff you want it done correctly. No bidders  Marketing name for laser treatment  Where’s Waldo type game coming out in September “To keep” in Spanish.  Only one bidder wants to keep this domain. GD values it at $3900 Don’t confuse this for the word “Covfefe” which means “to be a stubborn bully” in most languages  Doesn’t mean anything but clean, easy to spell, name for $12


Godaddy Names With Bids

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