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Is DomainSponsor Putting Lipstick on a Pig?


Let me preface this title by saying I have always loved DomainSponsor and in the old days they treated me well, even when I didn’t have very many domains.  They were cutting edge.  Then things changed.  Parking died.

There was nothing they could do about and by no means do I really mean DomainSponsor is a pig. To react to the changing environment, DomainSponsor has released DS NextGen.  A fancy name for something that will hopefully improve the recent slide of returns on parked domains.  According to their press release,

“The system’s infrastructure — including available data, load times, optimizations — has been redesigned with our clients’ needs in mind,” “What’s particularly attractive, though, is that the platform is flexible enough to ramp up optimization in multiple markets.  This ensures that publishers worldwide, and publishers with global domain name portfolios, can now benefit from the same high levels of monetization that DomainSponsor has always been known for.”

I guess we’ll have to see what they present at DomainFest to completely understand how this is going to improve recent returns but I will be surprised if it’s more than just a quicker reacting, improved algorithm.  I’m going to guess it will improve parking by a few percent which is a lot for big traffic domains but most of us won’t notice a thing.  The positive… least their trying.

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