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Is it OK to Squat on a Twitter?

It is if Twitter is your friend.  The old type typo is one of the oldest squats in the book and today techcrunch was proud to announce that  redirects back to their site.  At first glance it sounds like a bad move for such a popular site but it’s pretty funny if you know a little about the two sites’ history.  Techcrunch is a fanboy of Twitter.  There are more twitter stories and updates on techcrunch that twitter itself.  Many of twitter’s owners are friends with the people at techcrunch and I am guessing that in due time the name will be handed over.  In the meantime they get to pickup the 864 extra readers (as told by compete).  And just for fun let’s see where some of the www typos in domaining lead



wwwchefpatrick………unregged and available to squat

wwwdnjournal……… dnjournal



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2 Replies to “Is it OK to Squat on a Twitter?”

  1. is owned by

    So its good way to protect your brand by RL, I just confirmed it with for WWWRICKLATONA.COM


  2. Hi Shane,

    Got a couple of questions?

    1)Do you know if anyone has done an experiment with these type of domains.

    Wondering what % proportion of type in’s from owning a NON developed .com domain compared to owning the domain version.

    Also if there is a percentage when comparing the version compared to the google exact amount for that keyword?

    2)If a term has a google adwords global exact of 100,000 and its a one word .com what percentage would you get type in’s?

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