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Kraft Gives a Nice Glimpse of Why Marketing Names Have Good Value

One of the first questions I ask myself when evaluating a name is “Would this name help a company make money?”  It’s a pretty open ended question but it’s a good place to start. A look at the names Kraft Foods has acquired over the years is a great example of the types of names that large corporations are looking to acquire.  A combination of generics, brands, and marketing names.  Here is a sample of some of the generics and marketing names they own  (must have been a marketing campaign for their yogurt) (gotta love this one)

According to DomainTools, most of these names were hand reg but quite a few were purchased as well.   As you can see from the list, Kraft understands the use of a good domain name and it’s insignificant cost vs the total price of a good marketing campaign. And ALL their marketing names are dot com.   Keep this information in mind on your next domain purchase.  Ask yourself the question. “Would a company want this name and why”

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