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Let’s Have a Little Fun at Bido’s Expense

The old saying is “bald men are not electable” but Sahar over at Bido has proven they are more than capable of opening a website.  Not just any old website but a website lets you try and recoup some money from that .cc domain you bought after you came home drunk from that bachelor party.  You had good intentions when you registered “ but the type-ins weren’t as many as you’d hope.  You thought it would be a total loss but then you stumbled on Bido.

Originally called  Re-Cyc.le the name was quickly changed to and the motto became, “We Do Not Discriminate Against Any TLDs…..Period”  And they don’t.  Like but don’t want to pay the $112 ransom the guy is asking for?  Why not bid on  You most likely can have that for $28.  That is unless you can’t make it to the auction. Then it will be whatever you type in.   Guessing is fun and Bido is all about fun and games and they have a very popular game section of the site where you submit an absentee bid and try and guess if anyone will pay more.  I know you’re thinking, “just type in how much you are willing to pay and the site will automatically bid for you until it’s reached” but that’s no fun.  Imagine the satisfaction you’ll get when you only pay $83 dollars for something instead of the $150 you were going to put in the automatic bidder.  Of course, there were no other bidders , but think positive

So you’ve decided to take the plunge and submit your name.  Next step is marketing your name.  You need to let others know you have it for sale.  This process is called “buy a friend”.  It’s as simple as having all your friends vote on your name to be put up for auction or you just pay off Bido and they’ll put it up there.  Once there,  it will automatically get lots of attention.  There are only two to three hundred names up daily so you can really stop pumping it there.  You just sit back, wait for it to go up for auction and bam….tens of tens of dollars.

Of course none of this is true and Bido is a great site, just having a little fun.  Bido name:  ShaneCultra


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3 Replies to “Let’s Have a Little Fun at Bido’s Expense”

  1. n whats wrong about baldies huh huh

    I’m out of the closet (I dont have much choice really)

    I’m a Slaphead and proud !

    “Slapheads of the world unite!”

    ps I own and its for sale !

    Sahar are you interested? We baldies can’t let this domain fall into the wrong hands (hairy ones)

    I also I must add own the domain mentioned above, namely :

    The first $100 k offer wins it !

    Nice post lol

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