Look Here. A Few Nice Domains Dropping Today ($48 CPC)

I’ve seen better names but there are certainly enough domains here today to make some money.  I have a domain at Sedo ending today if anyone is interested.  Nice brandable Kibbo.com at $390 with 10 bids as of this posting.  Now onto the names

BuyStructuresSettlements.com Yeah it only has 595 searches but damn the CPC of $48.52 is amazing.  Doesn’t take many clicks to do well here

WaterproofLaptop.com I would love to have an “s” on the end but it still works.  Valuate has a $2400 value on it

HatsforWomen.com It certainly would be a nice domain for selling women’s hats.  Only 1,000 searches but worth the $20 you’ll most likely have to pay

Hazy.org Nice short, easy to remember.  $100 domain

Netbookspecials.com A lot more people are looking for these.  This name may slide under the radar.  That was until I posted it

Relocate.org Lots of uses for this domain and lots of searches (8,000+)

Domain of the Day: