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Looking for Domain Ideas? Scroll Through Recent Patent Applications

I’m on the side of the fence that thinks almost every good dot com in the world is taken.  Notice how I said almost.  There are opportunities to take advantage of that involve recent technologies and news.  While I would rather spend my time making money to buy higher quality domains, I do like to try a little crap shoot every now and then.  One of my favorite places to look is through recent patent applications.

I am not a name squatter.  My point is not to try and take names from the patent applicants but rather to get a lead on new technology and ideas.  Free Patents online lists each week new applications for patents. While some of these may have been applied for many months ago, none of them have received and may never receive patents.  I get a kick out of some of the application so even if I don’t find a domain I usually get a chuckle.  Here are a couple I found recently and to truly appreciate their beauty you should download the files that accompany the patent

Basketball Net with Tassels: The prettiest basketball net I’ve ever seen.  Looks like a chandelier for your basketball court.  For those times when you want to entertain on the court

FlavorFresh: A system to keep and transport produce and keep it in “just harvested” state.   First thing that came to mind was  It IS available and I thought it was a nice name.  FlavorFresh on the other hand…..taken.  Interesting idea but I’m not sure how they’re going to inspect the truck using this method.

Fishing Lure Urn: What a better way to show off our dearly departed Uncle Charlie than to put his remains in a giant fishing lure urn.  And yes is available

Method for Determining Value of a Website Visitor: I actually found this one interesting.  Didn’t understand a damn word it said but interesting I bet you never thought of this one.  A condom with a zip tab to prevent “leakage” of the condom.    An awful patent………..awfully painful

Slingshot Pouch:  There has to be a market of at least 7 people that still use a slingshot.  I have to admit the thing really hasn’t been improved in 2000 years so it’s probably due for a technological upgrade.  Yes is available

Domain Spotlight: