Domain Spotlight:

name.comI was recently catching up on some reading over at, which is the blog of popular venture capitalist Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures.

He mentioned that Elizabeth Spiers, an entrepreneur and journalist (and founding editor of Gawker), had resumed writing at her personal blog after a few years of spotty (at best) blogging.

When challenged why she didn’t blog on a communal platform like, she replied:

I already write for (and on) Medium. My most recent piece is here. But I don’t think it’s quite the same thing as maintaining a personal blog, where you control all of the visual elements and maintain a custom URL.


Fred Wilson also chimed in:

There is something about the personal blog,, where you control everything and get to do whatever the hell pleases you.


I love to hear that mentality from mainstream, popular bloggers, and I hope it resonates with the younger generation.

I’m a domainer and admit I’m biased; I’ve got plenty of and domains to sell when people are looking to start their personal blog, or migrate over to their own domain.

Domain Spotlight: