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Monday’s BIG Daily Domain Drops and Auctions

There are so many good names today that there’s no way I’ll be able to list them all.  NameJet has a huge list of three letter dot nets that is 1000 deep.  I’ll put my favorites up but you’ll want to go to and peruse the names yourself.  On another note.  I’m looking to buy a few domains ie or that types.  Not NNL or NLNs, only LNN.coms Now onto the names I’m not sure that anyone uses these anymore now that people realize real men are in mixed martial arts.  My Grandpa may like still be in the market for a pair though Not a big fan of “i” domains as I think Apple has branded it to the point you lose your own identity but for some reason I still like this one.   Sorry no link, couldn’t figure out how to direct link to a Goddady name with this new ajax system Food comes to mind on this one $20,000 estibot on this one. Domain investors are pretty frustrated with the ppc model but I’m guessing they still bid up this name I think of Cat Von D every time I think of tats.  She’s much prettier than Chef Patrick, the only other person I know with a tattoo Some see a girls name but every domain investor in the world would use it as a legal site “triple O dot org” is easy to say and remember

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  1. The Whois info for some names, such as show an expiration date of 2012. They’re also reg’d at GoDaddy. Not sure why namejet are suddenly listing all these names.?

  2. These are some really great names today, the auctions at namejet are impressive it will be interesting to see how they sell and should provide some good insight into the non .com market.

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