Monday’s Big List of Domain at Auction and Dropping

Oct 10 2011

It’s a strong list today. A crazy weekend for me this past weekend.  Beautiful weather and didn’t run the Chicago marathon for the first time in 6 years, instead going for the inaugural St. Louis Rock and Roll marathon and staying home to celebrate Canadian Thanksgiving even though I’m not Canadian and never been to Cananda (I just love holidays).  Had our biggest event of the year at the nursery with seminars and workshops for the adults, pony rides and slides for the kids but it didn’t end well.  My 11 year old daughter got on one of our big 4 wheelers with a friend and crashed it into a car, doing about 3 grand in damage.  While I fully expected my daughter to have some sort of accident when she got her license I didn’t see it starting at 11.   We’ve been calling her Crash Cultra all weekend.  A name I hope doesn’t stick.  It’s only money right?  Perhaps we’ll get it back flipping a few names. It’s been a while since there was a three letter dot com on Namejet.   Been a while since they had 215 for a name as well. Another 3 letter dot com?   What’s going on?  Is somebody dumping?  Does somebody know something we don’t?   Just kidding but you know some people say stupid stuff like that. There are a bunch of big dot orgs closing today.  And most of them have a HUGE number of searches.  If you like dot org, today is your day These flat televisions seem to be catching on.  I prefer the console.  Radio, record player AND a television all in one.  And they say we’ve advanced. A whole site dedicated to shipwrecks?  or maybe you could sell sinks. Everyone who has a kid in the US has to buy one of these.  When I was a kid our parents would just throw us in the trunk. I’m thinking of calling my domain company this.  Makes going through all the lists sound exciting. 2001 Domain 1998 Domain.  Also a good name for a Lance Armstrong autobiography. I have one.  Yes I play, but I specialize in mid 1800s beats. If you trade then you’re familiar with this Nasdaq 100 tracking index. I think it’s a steal for $11 but I admit gamersdaily would be better.  You could be a lazy blog and only update once a week. Real easy to remember. It’s also DMOZ listed but it’s for gay apparel. Robert Kline said this is worth a million dollars because you only have to place one finger on the keyboard and press it twice for this particular tld making it the best tld out there.  (*disclosure: he didn’t really say that)

Names found using Dropday which is now back up and working

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  1. Mike

    Wow glad to hear your daughter didn’t get hurt! Makes for kind of a funny story that way too, Crash Cultra, lol.

    Nice list, the Lance Armstrong reference had me laughing my AO…

    1. Post author

      Thanks Mike,

      I got a little something out of it as well. I feel grateful that I’ve saved and earned enough money that a $3000 accident not covered by insurance can be a lesson learned and not a huge financial burden. She realizes that she would have to work all summer to pay off a 5 second mistake and doesn’t actually have to work all summer.

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