Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction and Drops from Around the Net

Nov 28 2011

Time to get back to work after the Thanksgiving hangover.  Let’s get straight to the names 1994 Birthday.  17 year old domains are good to have.  I think it would make a nice company name because it sounds like intelligent. 1998 Birthday.  More descriptive and memorable than a lot of the names I see people trying to sell for $2K With shows like Storage Wars and “Found In the Parking Lot” being super popular, this name has value.  Yeah, I made up the second show. Dot orgs have been selling for 21% of the value of dot coms of the same name.  This should be worth at least a thousand according to that.  I would guess more like three or four hundred. A dog adoptions site?  Why?  What were you thinking? I thought this was a pretty good name for $400 (No, I have no interest or skin in this game BUT tell him Shane sent you and maybe he’ll give me some money) I admit it’s been a while since a book of Mexican Poetry has been on the front page of Amazon Not bad keywords for $69 and no bidders 46 bidders and at just over $1000 at press time Not a great keyword but for $12 I think it’s a pretty funny name or email. Great keywords.  Willing to put out $69 to see if you can rank a dot biz?  If I had more time I would. Already with 6 bids and at $12,100.

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  1. NoobWorld

    The drop list is decent. Nothing too solid. 7920 dot com is a good buy. ButtSniffers dot com sounds more like a porn site rather than a dog website. UnclaimedItems dot com seems like a taxi company’s lost and found department.

  2. Trico

    “ I admit it’s been a while since a book of Mexican Poetry has been on the front page of Amazon”

    Mexican Poem
    Roses are Red.
    Violets are Blue.
    Come to México, Gringo.
    We Kidnap and Kill You.

    Viva México!

  3. Usedcargod

    Hey Shane, Nice work on the daily drops data. fun and informative. Still cracking up about Thanks!

  4. Jim Holmes

    Curious to know what your readers think a domain name like Jet.Net is worth these days? Cheers, Jim

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