Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 3-26-12

Mar 26 2012


There are a TON of solid dot nets dropping and it’s there is certainly a trend of dot nets being unloaded.  I’m not saying don’t buy them, I’m merely pointing out a trend.  In hind site it may actually present value to the buyers but it may be the smart getting higher prices while they can.  You can be the judge. Also probably the worst day for names at Godaddy I’ve seen in a while. Look here and tell me if you can find anything worth owning and I’ll buy you a cookie.  You could sell a lot of SSL certificates on this one.  Not sure it’s a real valuable name but great weather brand.  I thought I was going to sneak in and be one of the few bidders.  I was about 50 bidders off.  I like targetmarket better but this one still is pretty nice. has “market” higher but Audience is decent.  17 bidders? I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than this.  “From the makers of Sandpaper Underwear we are proud to announce Wool Pillows!!!!”  Easy to remember and name of a few bad films.  Only one bidder  Ozzy Osborne might want this one.   Not very many bidders on this one so could go cheap  A top end product domain 675,000 searches according to Valuate  103 bidders show that despite anything I say that dot nets still are in demand.

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  1. Joe

    “Not very many bidders on this one so could go cheap”

    Mainly because you’d really risk sending traffic to

  2. John

    A few names I saw at GoDaddy: $605 45 bids $85 7 bids $419 83 bids $6288 44 bids

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