Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 4-16-12

Apr 16 2012 Worth a few hundred dollars for its 1994 Birthday. Promote USA made email. I think this has more use than just a camera site. Could be a weight loss site as well. Speaking of weight loss. This one is bringing pretty good money. Like shooting fish in a barrel selling weight loss ideas to obese people. They want to do everything except exercise more and eat less. Going cheap for a dictionary word.  1996 Birthday and a simple word.  I like simple words.  I also like Cadbury chocolate eggs with caramel in the middle but I’m not sure how that effects anything.  Plenty of companies willing to buy it from you or sue you  No bidders on the 1999 domain that tells you exactly what the product will do.  Not sure how you would make this a local site but its a simple name that defines.  Nobody likes so no bidders   “Ella” names are hot.  I think I went to Coachella once but I really don’t remember going, I just have that tattooed across my ass for some reason. That and the numbers from “Lost”   Who doesn’t like luxury?  I have always loved girls that love girls.  I might have the meaning of this word wrong.  If I knew the difference between etymology and entomology I would know less about bugs and more about vocabulary.   One of the better dot nets on the auctions in a while  Not very many bidders for one of the main stops of the Love Boat  I may have had my day off before or something got screwed up but the name goes off tomorrow  I think I’d rather visit Puerto Vallarta.  Poop Island sounds like it would be a shitty vacation.  BIIIIIG keyword at $38.  Lots of ads and searches.



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