Domain Spotlight:

Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 4-2-12

Good morning.  Before we get to the names, I’d like to mention that I have a few more spots left open for advertising.  The 125 X 125 at the bottom of this post and the Snapnames spot is for sale.  Sorry about the selling but I need a new pair of running shoes this month.  Now onto the names. Yeah, you don’t know exactly what it is but trust me, it costs a lot of money to have it done and you don’t want it done. It means they are going to have to do some cutting and pulling and its going to hurt. Both in the wallet and the mouth. They also make a lot of money so buy this and sell it to them. 12 year old domain.  I like it for $69. Or WAS $69  Good letters, probably goes for over $500 Again, not really in my dictionary but judging by ads on Google and my wife’s makeup drawer, they sell a bunch of these. And its going for very cheap. Valuate.coms  at 100 times its current price.

MistyHaze.comTwo memorable words but more likely to bring up thoughts of a porno star. I’m not sure there is really one names this but sounds like there would be. Jenna’s sister. See what I did there? And again it’s cheap for a 12 year old domain.

NameMasher.comDomainers love these types of domains. They never use them but they buy the heck out of them.  This one will probably do OK Doing pretty well at auction. Everyone loves coupons and most people are fat so a perfect combination.  Speaking of pigs  HUGE market for tap dance taps right now.  I could be thinking tablet computers, anyway.  I bet you can’t say this 10 times quickly  I think someone should buy this and make it they’re new campaign. It’s not your business plan,  “Its Your Domain Sucks”  No bidders?  Yeah, I guess nobody uses party planners any more.  You used to be able to buy Illinois when Blago was running it.  I thought I was going to be able to get this one cheap.  98 bidders disagree.

Domain Spotlight: