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Monday’s Big List of Domains at Auction or Dropping Around Town 4-9-12

Hope everyone had a great weekend.  Per usual, I worked all weekend.  Between the nursery, domain investing, family and running, there doesn’t really seem to be a free minute.  My choice I know, but yesterday about did me in.  Busy weekend at the nursery and my manager so nicely forgot to schedule anyone to water the trees and shrubs.  So for all you people that think owning your own business gives you the ability to call the shots, think again.  The owner always has to pick up the scraps, no matter how many or quality of people you hire.   If you think you have organized it so well that its not the case for you then I’m pretty sure you’re just ignoring or stepping over the little things that need to be attended to.  Just my two cents.  Here are a few more cents worth of domain names. 1999 domain with good keywords and all for the low low price of $12 and no bidders. At least that was the case at presstime.  232 Bidders.  It’ll break’s value I’m pretty excited to find out. America’s finest what? Hot dogs, carpet cleaning. The suspense of what the new buyer will do with it is killing me. Reminds me of the ending to that new Titanic 3D I watched the other night. Couldn’t wait to see how it ended in the new 3D version. A little disappointing.  I feel like this domain has been up for auction for 6 months.  Nice name though. With the baby boomers starting to pee themselves and forgetting their names, these things are going to be hot. My Mom reads this so I want to let everyone know she knows her name and hardly ever pees herself. Every kid in the world seems to be named Keegan, Kalee, Kayle, Mikayla, Kirsten, kkkkkkkkkkkk sounds all the way. The name Stacey? 4 kids last year named this. I have an easy way to lower them. Lose money. I’ve found my tax bill goes way down and it’s very easy to scale. This would be a very popular domain here in the Midwest.  They get pretty excited about their tractor shows.  They get just as excited about a 1953 Farmall as I would about a new Ferrari.  Frank, you reading?  It would make a nice Christmas gift for me.   I like it despite the “the” in it.  Saves you a million dollars by adding it and you still get the keyword.  Hopefully everyone will start calling it “the Christmas” instead of just Christmas.  And then you’ll be rich.  The night shift guys are just a little different.  Throw in a little authority and now you know why I’m scared of night watchmen. Still a good domain  Sticky can mean a lot of things. I’m going to go with sticky meaning, makes you stay.  As I said, my Mom reads this on regularly now so I have to be nice.  Then again, she is the one that let me play  the Rolling Stones, ”Sticky Fingers” album with the zipper on the front when I was 6, so maybe I don’t.  I know the dot com would be better but I still like the name for a large file sharer.  Pushing it, I know Not sure why this doesn’t have any bidders. The miniature cat market is exploding in Japan.  Not even I am going to buy this one.  Unless someone wants to give it to me as a gift. I don’t think Frank’s getting me that Ferrari


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  1. @ Ron Wells

    I thought it was Detroit that was knows as “America’s Finest City”. 🙂

  2. @Mike, I’m not sure about Detroit, but San Diego use that nickname for everything (I live here…and it’s on some city vehicles, etc.)

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