Monday’s Big List of Names at Auction or Dropping Around the Net 7-30-12

Jul 30 2012

This week starts a tough week for me.  Not because of any even going on but because its the week before I go on vacation. You know the week.  The week where you go through the motions.  Trying not to get too excited because it makes the week go too slow yet you count down the days until you can leave.  The weather here has been absolutely awful.  The hottest year ever and I can’t wait to get into the nice weather of Laguna Beach.  Bike along the ocean.  Swim along the beach.  And run the tough hill up to the top of the world. Just a few more days.  Here are today’s names. Surprised there are so few bidders.  Though maybe it was a typo but it’s right  Your forehead is so big you have a fivehead.  Ahh now you see the value  A 5L that would make a nice brand.  Especially for a web development company.14 years ago someone thought the same thing.  Already 2 bidders  Hoping there wouldn’t be a lot of action on this one but no luck  Not a great acronym but still has liquidity  For some reason I think of Mormon bubbling when I see this (look it up) I might have given you an idea for a new site.  A nice name even if you go another route  Sorry Mom and Grandma but actually a pretty good name for those that deal in sin.  No bidders

There are quite a few with my favorite being  New York Agriculture  All great letters    I don’t think I am going to win any races but a site that helps me get better would be nice.  Good training site name or gear site. People love buying gear instead of training.   No bidders.  12 years old  Too lazy to move this one up with the others but I like it as well 10 years old, 1 bidder  Subliminal advertising .  I use it every day.  Just used it on you now  I’m not an animal rights guy or anything but it does seem like an unfair fight  I know there are a bunch of 17 year olds around here that would give you window tinting business Really?  Somebody is going to buy this?  Good luck  A nice   Could be a typo of Claret Deal of the Week! – $4.95 .COM! Offer expires 7/31/12.

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