Monday’s Daily Domain Drop and Auction Pick List: HUGE List Today

Apr 25 2011

In case you missed it (and you may have because I screwed up the feed), there was a great interview with Anthony David yesterday.  Spend a few minutes taking a look because Anthony is definitely a young man to watch in this industry.  He has a good worldly view on domain investing. If you like NNNN.coms then this will be a good day for you Let’s start off the morning with a nice And another Another Ends in 4 so won’t do as well They just keep coming I’d like to interrupt all these numeric domains to introduce you to this handsome domain ,,, I like this A brandable word that could deal with SEO. Get it, SERPs?  Oh well, no bidders so it’s not like you’re going to spend a lot and it IS a 1998 and a popular last name. Three character domains always have value. 70 bidders agree I’ve always done well with names like this if I get them reasonably cheap.  I may go after this one to go with my Most popular because it was the name of the coffee house on ‘Friends’.  I think it still has value as it really is a good name for a coffee house 1999 domain that is one of those mean nothing domains that is great for a start-up or website.  No bidders 251,000 searches.  $5K valuate

Make sure to visit DropDay for more great names

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  1. Jason


    It’s cool of you to spend time preparing the drop list. The OLO dot org I missed out was no big deal. I think you mentioned you made a mistake on the date.

    I actually have a list of hand registrations I want to work on. I’m always finding cool domains. To date, I only bid on three domains. I won all three domains, which I still own.

    I wanted to get into the VegasLine dot com at Sedo, but I figured the amount would surpass my limit. It did. A domain that makes $50 per month on parking is a good investment.

    Thanks for piecing together the upcoming drops. Cool piece you have going.

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