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Monday’s Daily Domain Picks From the Auctions and Drops

Pretty slow weekend domain investing wise. Finally got 3 hours to finally watch two of DomainSherpa’s videos. He does a great job. I have to admit I liked him the first time he came out with the videos but he was going under the name of Morgan Linton back then. He really has done a good job of getting top notch people in the industry but a few are a bit long. It was kind of like the tv show Lost. Very interested in the beginning, some great moments in the middle, but by the end both myself and the interviewees were ready for it to be over. Except Schwartz, he had 9 or 10 hours left in him. Popular girls name in Japan. Did I ever tell you I love Japanese women? Well I do Impossible but the people searching for it don’t know it. It’s pretty open to what is a cultural icon. You can define it with this domain. 1995 Birthday and no bidders. Much better name than Ashley Madison. Then again, until everyone figured out what Ashley Madison was your spouse thought you were at a site that sold clothing. Affordable is a nice word. Of course it means different things to different people. Schilling thinks a jet is affordable. At $800 and should end at around $1300 according to past sales Not sure how you would monetize it but it’s a dictionary word and only 13 bidders.

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  1. I agree about He caught a lot of flak for calling himself the “Domain Name Authority” as a new kid on the block, but hey, who does not try to promote themselves, right? He’s a natural interviewer, and seems to have gotten better with each interview. He’s new, but he does a better job, in a unique way, than most other bloggers out there. He’s also not just rehashing some old news stories. Good for him! He’s putting together a nice little domainer video library. 🙂

  2. *

    When I lived overseas (in Macedonia), my email was FULL of green card spam and ads. It must be big business in the spamming and scamming world.

    From what the embassy attache told me, there is a set procedure for getting a green card and that anyone who is unconnected is highly unlikely to snag a “quick” green card.

    But that doesn’t stop the spammers from trying.


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