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Monday’s Daily Dropping Domains

Hope everyone had a productive weekend.  I did.  Wife away on business (she’s the real bread earner) and  the daughter away at Camp left Daddy at home getting stuff done.  One thing threw a wrench in it though.  Ran 19 miles on Saturday before work and 9 miles early yesterday.  Was a little more tired than I had hoped.  Still got in 15 hours of work despite taking a rare nap.  Headed to the beach next Sunday and I’ll get a little R and R.  And no,  there are no beaches in Illinois, headed to the house in Laguna Beach. Not very many searches for these exact term but the name is from 1996 and with the future of solar the name may have value in the future.  No bidders means it probably will go cheap A very popular female spelling of “Aaron” For the 4L lovers.  Worth a few hundred dollars, maybe a little more The kind you find in a second hand store…..get it? $3.27 CPC and almost 3000 searches.   A stronger name than I thought…. Not the greatest 4L but certainly pronounceable and worth the present $100 bid It’s already $3500. I don’t quite get why it’s so high but it’s still worth pointing out Very popular Japanese term.  Also a 5L ….which is nice

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  1. Does namejet, godaddy, snapnames, etc… have affiliate programs that you can generate commission on by listing the domains in your daily ‘dropping domains’ posts?

    1. Chris,

      They do but they are not set up to do it directly through links. They all have banners or text. I am working on getting a “code” to insert into my links. Right now, I don’t make a dime. If any of those big 4 read this blog, anyone want to help me out?

  2. 4L domains do have value, not all of them however, I wouldn’t want to name my business something that isn’t typed as it is pronounced; i.e I’d rather waste my money on “” rather than on “”

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