Monday’s Domain Auction and Drop Picks

Mar 21 2011

It’s Monday again and another chance to get some good names.  I had one of my better weeks of the year as far as acquisitions.  I sold $5K a few weeks ago to hold me off but I’d still like to lighten up the portfolio and get some bigger and better names.  I do like names in the “sweet spot” of $1K to $5K but need a few more in that $10K range to anchor my portfolio.  Below are mostly sweet spot and under domains. Let’s take a look. A heck of a name.  With all those bidders it should do well.  There’s a baseball card dealer with his checkbook out. This one came up a few months ago but don’t know if it ever was auctioned.  Either way, nice name and it’s up tomorrow. I put a few of these on the list every day.  I try and keep them aged with good letters.  This one fits the profile. Not sure why this one has CD capitalized when other names don’t have the first two letters capitalized but myself and 80 people like it. 1999 registration Nice dictionary term here.  I’m not comfortable with how I would monetize it though. “Red leather, yellow leather”  Sorry that’s my radio warm up.  I do it when I see a microphone.  Big name Nobody would name their daughter Julie today.  Not when you can name her Julee. I don’t normally put up typos but since the bidding is over $7000 I thought you may want to get it.  It IS highly targeted traffic. I don’t think this is a real word but still a great domain.  A tithe means 1/10th of something.  Usually thought of in the sense of giving voluntarily to your church.  Know as tithing.   No bidders  This shouldn’t go for too much.  Even with 45 bidders You’re going to need this if you expect to travel in space.  Otherwise you’ll get lost.  Get in early Big diet fad.  They think cooking takes the vitamins out.   Me, I eat em raw because I’m too lazy to cook.  I make exception for potatoes This domain has been passed around more than a joint at a Snoop Dog party.  Time to retire this thing

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