Monday’s Domains At Auction, Dropping and For Sale Around the Net 2-20-12  I knew a few people that fell off this  This should do OK. Unfortunately doesn’t come with the package and you’ll have to buy separately  Great name for a lawyer in this area  Another great name for the .org tld   One better than television and a heck of a lot cheaper  There are a lot of people looking for some hardcore forking.  But only one bidder.

You ever had one of those weekend where the days just fly by and you feel you didn’t get anything accomplished?  That was this weekend.  I worked on a project all weekend because it had to be finished by next Saturday only to realize that it’s not due for two weeks.  Good feeling to be done but now it won’t be as fresh in my mind so I’ll have to review or add to it next weekend to make sure I’m sharp on delivery.  I feel like I’m in college all over again. Here are today’s names.  I know I’ve seen this 1995 domain before but I forget where  Long name, amazing results  Great name for guitar related site.  Pretty cheap right now.   All you hear about lately are things built using nano technology.  I imagine people are looking for jobs in this area……or will

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