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Monday’s Domains Dropping That I Like…..and some links

Fantastic weekend here.  Ran a marathon, great customer traffic at the store and my daughter looked great in her debut as a goalie.  What more could you ask for.  Good dropping domains I guess so here they are Not a ton of searches but an easy to spell, very brandable name that’s 13 years old 10 year old 4L that’s pronounceable.   Has nice value Domain was registered in 1995.  I like it just because of the age and the word “tech” in it Lots of bidders (74) so this won’t go cheap

The “In Case You Missed it”  Links

Targeted TRAFFIC Milan Auction Results [domainnamenews]

A Week With My iPad [thedomains]

The Ultimate Swag Bag Auction Series [domainnamewire]

Breaking New!!! Large Spill on Wind Turbine Farm…Some actually enjoy the breeze  [me being funny w/pic] $3300 valuate and $11 CPC It’s tough to sell from a dot org but 201,000 searches for the keyword make this one worth trying.

Domain Spotlight: