My Favorite Company Name: Big Ass Fans

Oct 20 2011

You don’t need a fan, you need a “Big Ass Fan”.  What a fantastic slogan.  I was reading USA Today yesterday and couldn’t help but notice this ad.  Funny, to the point, but a real product that people need.  I’m sure that customers saw the fan and said, “Damn that’s a big ass fan” and thus a brand was built.   They also finished off the marketing with the proper domain  Ironically when I showed the ad to my wife she said she had 5 or six of these in her warehouses and that the only reason she remembered she had that brand is because of the name.   Sorry about the poor quality of the ad but I only had my phone with me at the time

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    1. Post author


      I feel more comfortable on the pot with a good old fashioned paper. I hate getting my phone that I hold up to my face involved in that process.

  1. Poor Uncle

    I was at the mall the other day..and I saw a store name “Bad Ass Cafe”…I thought that was bad taste. I didn’t get my coffee from this place, and wondering out loud why would anyone name their store with that name…and why would anyone…especially the ladies want to visit a store with such name. Is that a sign of our time…the MTV generation?

    1. Post author

      There are plenty of words that were considered bad at one time that are now used every day. It’s the desensitizing of America AND you’re getting old Mr. Poor Uncle.

  2. Trico

    “Sorry about the poor quality of the ad but I only had my phone with me at the time”

    “so this picture was taken on the pot?”

    Maybe that’s why it’s a crappy picture. 🙂

    Just playing. The picture is fine.

    1. Post author

      Tricolor and Chris,

      My story is starting to unravel isn’t it? Good thing you didn’t see the rest of the photos from the photo shoot in the urinal. my political career would be severely hampered


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