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Namescon on Pace to Sell 2000 Tickets

That’s if you base it on last year at this point.  At this date last year Namescon had 88 registrations (572 ended up registering) and this year there are already at 400.  Pretty sure that we won’t see 2000 attendees but it wouldn’t be a stretch that there will be over 1000 fellow domain investors and vendors at this years’ show. I’m guessing that the big increase is the pending price increase from $399 to $599 (previous attendees are only $299) is the main reason but undoubtedly this year will be a much bigger show.   Here’s the registration trend from last year and you can see that this year is WAY above those numbers and we’re really not even into the time when everybody starts figuring out whether or not they can go.  Evidently a lot of us have already said we are.


Last Year

End of November 210 tickets sold

End of December 371 tickets sold

At show 572 tickets sold


This Year

50% of last years’ attendees have registered already

401 tickets sold already


And if you didn’t read our previous offer.  Aaron and I would like to take a few of our readers out to lunch at our favorite Deli in Vegas if you’re interested.  Our treat.  Let us know

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  1. Hi Shane,

    That’s very generous of you and Aaron… count me in if your offer is still available. Hell, I’ll buy my lunch just join the group!

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