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Nov 13 2015

We have a holiday and gift theme this week, as we’re getting incredibly close to the holiday shopping season. Screenshots and logos are linked to the websites if you’d like to check them out for yourselves.

When I tell people I “bit it”, I’m typically referring to a wipeout on a mountain bike, a face plant while on my skis, or a trip and fall over an imaginary obstacle on a trail run. There isn’t a lot of commercial value in that type of site.

Bitcoin, on the other hand, well, there’s some money there, so fits the extension and is developed for gift cards for the Bitcoin currency.

“Bitit is a prepaid digital gift card from 25€ to 250€ that can be redeemed into Bitcoins. Buying Bitcoins has never been so easy.”

The Paris-based team says about Bitcoin, “We believe in the future of this cryptocurrency and we want to make it as accessible to as many people through Bitit.”

Although the site is in beta, they’re starting to get a little traffic, based on their Alexa rank near 3.3 million. I’m guessing their professional looking site, combined with the recent uptick in bitcoin prices, and the upcoming holiday season, may cause traffic to pick up even further.

Candidly, I didn’t find a bunch of great .blackfriday development examples. Not yet. I have no doubt there are some in development and they’re on their way.

Andrew Alleman at noted that he’s seeing a few .blackfriday domains used as redirects to a company’s main site, such as going to is a functional website that seems to be just getting started. Not surprisingly, they appear to want to run deals year-round, as opposed to just on Black Friday, and they’re monetized as an Amazon affiliate site.

The company behind the website is named, and they’ve gotten into new G’s with other domains such as and, both of which are developed sites.

When I think of the .christmas extension, I immediately think of gifts, but one of the first sites I went to corrected that thinking. is dedicated to Christmas, but with free music, not pricey gifts.

They owners knocked a bunch of letters off their URL by switching from to They tout themselves as being 11 years old, and “The ORIGINAL INTERNET ONLY Smooth Christmas Radio!”

Granted, the site looks like it was developed 11 years ago too, yet they’re trendsetting in adopting the new G’s, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see a revamped site at some point in the near future.


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