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Below is another look at a few developed sites on the new gTLDs, with a bit of a music theme this week. Screenshots are linked to the sites if you’d like to check them out for yourself.


This is the home of the maker of some beautiful custom guitars, which is similar in some ways to the Woodstock.Guitars we talked about previously.

Bordello.Guitars is a change in domain from, with their now forwarded to their .guitars domain.

“Meticulously hand-crafted, custom electric guitars – select from our stock collection, tweak a model or customize your own from scratch – The choice is yours!”

A couple of their YouTube videos give a sense for the amount of work that goes into each guitar.


A musical artist representation and events management firm.

“A 360° media group with divisions in communications, events and artist attainment. With Head Quarters in Cape Town, Los Angeles, and an associate office in Paris, CSA is a global agency that brings Africa to the world.”

This domain is a change from their, which is still live with what appears to be an identical site. CSA is an abbreviation for Celebrity Services Africa, and the website has an Alexa rank near 2 million.

“Established in the mid-90s, Celebrity Services Africa was one of the first companies of its kind to procure celebrities for various events & appearances in South Africa while simultaneously providing world class public relations services to clients in the leisure & luxury sphere. By 2000, its events division had created a name by managing major public events and red carpet functions.”


A mobile P.A. system company based in China.

Their new domain is so much more radio friendly than their company name: Weiqi Electronics. Candidly, I don’t know where the AIO abbreviation comes in; perhaps a rebrand is in process?

Interestingly, the same owner has a bunch of other new G names, primarily in the .lighting extension (,,,,, etc) all of which lead to their website.

They’re trend setters with their new G domain, so I’ll cut them some slack on their Hotmail email address listed in their contact information. 🙂


This is the home of an amplifier company which has decades of history. A related company previously resided at, which now redirects to SST.Audio.

SST in this case stands for Spread Spectrum Technologies.

“The brand that produced innovative and iconic audio products like the Ampzilla amp remains a paragon of high-end audio today. SST—The Legacy Continues”

Domain Spotlight:

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  1.… I’m guessing, but AIO is probably an abbreviation for All In One.

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