New gTLD Development: Capri.Global, WildGoose.Property, HomeRepairs.Help

Feb 29 2016

Below is another look at a few developed sites on the new gTLDs. A real estate theme this week, with sites ranging from realtors, to deep pocketed investors, to a home repair shop. Screenshots are linked to the sites if you’d like to check them out for yourself.


The domain is the new home of a UK realtor, and the name is a rebrand that is in the works from

You can see their domain listed on their bricks & mortar storefront in the picture below; things like this will help continue to build on the public’s understanding and adoption of new gTLDs over time.

“We are an independent estate agent based in the South West with offices in Burnham on Sea, Cheddar and Bristol and dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. We are a ‘whatever it takes’ estate agent who are continuously looking to provide you with the best possible moving experience.”


I haven’t seen many large institutional companies like this shift to a new gTLD; they previously had their homepage at, but it now forwards to their .Global URL.

This real estate investment management firm is headquartered in Chicago but invests globally, and their site states they have $3.3 billion “in real estate equity and structured finance investments”.

“Founded in 1992 as a structured capital provider to a severely constrained commercial real estate market, Capri has grown into a multi-offering investment manager with a global view and local market and investment expertise.”

I came across a couple small businesses related to the real estate field which have built their sites on .Help domains:


“Operating around the Marlborough area of Wiltshire and West Berkshire, we are a small but experienced team focused on helping you sell your home.”

“We are not Estate Agents and are not aiming to replace your current Agent. Instead, we will troubleshoot the reasons that your house has not sold and provide an honest and open review, suggesting ways in which its chances of selling can be increased. We do this for a one off fixed price, no hidden extras and with complete transparency.”


The new home of a London company that provide services including general home repairs, heating & plumbing work, decorating, and more.

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