Domain Spotlight:

Below is another look at a few developed sites on the new gTLDs. This week includes one example of using a new G as a shortener, and two examples of companies using a new G for a specialty site, as part of an expansion of their network of sites. Screenshots are linked to the sites if you’d like to check them out for yourself.


A shortener for, and they have their .com redirected to the .audio. The firm describes themselves as follows, “Creative Sound Design & Original Music Studio“. According to their site, they’ve done work for impressive clients such as Nike, IBM, Google, Coca-Cola, and dozens more.

You can check out one example of their work in the embedded video below.

Beard.Club and Shaving.Club

Both of these .club domains are utilized as additional sites for the folks behind Various affiliated sites include and Principals behind the network include a couple domainers and all around good guys, in the sometimes-bearded Braden Pollock and follicly-challenged Luke Webster.

We reached out to both of them for their thoughts on the sites, and Luke mentioned,

“Both Shaving.Club and Beard.Club rank consistently on page 1 or 2 of google for their key words. The .Club team has been great to work with.”

beard.clubBraden elaborated,

“I’m happy with how well .club has been ranking for us. It seems that Google is giving weight to keyword gTLDs, which has been helpful for some of our new properties. I want to be ahead of this curve when it comes to getting ranked in the search engines. If Google is giving love to these new extensions, we need to be there first to take advantage of that. I’ve developed a number of sites with new G’s so we’ll see which does the best.”

An additional, specialty site for the company behind Since they chose to have a dedicated site instead of a subsection of their website, it’s much shorter than The parent firm is described as follows:

At Happy Monkey we specialise in creating tailor made information technology solutions for businesses that interact with their existing systems to ensure a seamless coexistence. Our solutions are tailored and costed toward small business and we offer services from simple website design to entire custom developed web/app systems.”

Domain Spotlight: