New gTLD Development Examples: .Help, .Photo, .Pics

Oct 09 2015

Round two of the new gTLD development articles, with this week covering several small businesses.

ISP in this case stands for In Style Photography, and the domain was utilized as part of a name change: “Through re-branding, La Moda (In Style) Studios was born and has morphed into a new and polished In Style Photography.” “In Style Photography has three main areas of expertise: Photo Restoration, Portriat Photography and Commercial Photography.

The company based in Myrtle Beach, Florida previously utilized as their URL. was registered in 2008, and is available from Buy Domains for $1,488, but this rebranded company went with, a shorter, and cheaper, alternative.

isp pics

Similar to, this is another small business operating on a new gTLD. BPM are the initials for the owner, although he says in the “What’s in a Name?” section of his About page, that “it means a lot more to me”. He then discusses his musical and drumming background, and says in part, “Anyway, the pace of a song is measured in beats-per-minute, or BPM. How fitting that a drummer has those initials!”

Imagine trying to pry away from its owners for under 6-figures.

This is an additional site for the owner – they have already developed their personal name at That site focuses both on photography and video production, but I could argue that a site focused just on the photography may lend a little credibility to that business.

bpm photo is the new URL for DRT Behavioral Services, PLLC, based in Miami, Florida. “DRT’s psychiatrists & psychologists will coordinate a care program to improve your mental health.” It gets a little traffic too, as evidenced by its Alexa rank near 6 million.

One of DRT’s lead psychiatrists, Dr. Delvena Thomas, also utilizes as her personal website, with both screenshots below.

A nice use of description in the domain. I’m sure Dr. Thomas often refers to her job as giving “Brain Love”. Enough that she feels it resonates with her clients. Undoubtedly she helps others and feels that describes her as well as any name could. And I have to admit, that’s a pretty good looking group of people working at her clinic. They say how you feel on the inside will show on the outside so there must be a whole lot of good looking feeling on the inside.

brain love help

dr thomas help

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