Domain Spotlight:

A few foreign language sites are included this week, as the new gTLDs of course aren’t limited to the English language. The screenshots are linked, if you would like to check them out for yourselves.


This French language site allows you to manage your swimming pool from your phone. The company is based in Paris, and please don’t ask me what the flowers/pool connection is…..

Per Google Translate,

“Take control simply your pool with your smartphone”

“automated management, commissioning of heating, water quality in real time, maintenance tips, a piscinist 24/7 in your phone!”

The owner is affiliated with, which describes itself as involved with “development of the Internet of Things and mobile application development”.

iot dot flowers


This URL is the result of a domain change from typo-conducive, with their .com now redirected to their .Global domain.

Based in Barcelona, with aspirations of business well beyond Spain’s borders, the site has an Alexa rank near 4.4 million.

According to the English translation of their Spanish language site,

“At Datacom.Global we develop data infrastructures capable of responding to the highest market demands. We have the leading technology from CISCO with the best experts in the design, installation and maintenance of telecommunication systems.”


A small business based in Moscow resides at this link. The ATEC acronym ties to the company name’s English translation, Aviation Technologies Engineering and Consulting.

The Russian language site is a bit rudimentary, but not bad for an industrial company in Russia… least they’re online!

“The company ZAO «Aviation technologies. Engineering and consulting» (ZAO “ATEC”) was etstablished in the year 1996.”

“In cooperation with partner companies we have been actively involved in the development of advanced composite materials (several patents were taken out). as well as the technology of permanent link of composite materials with metals by diffusion welding for further use in future developments of enterprises of aviation and oil & gas industris.”

atec dot link

Domain Spotlight: