Starting this week we’re going to do a weekly article exploring people and companies that are doing a great job of creating sites with great content on the new gTLDs. Using a combination of new strings that are relevant and describe their business, and content that will help Google and users find them. Content has always been king and we’re going to take a look at some sites that we think are benefiting for using the new strings.

Like the Internet itself, we don’t know exactly what we’ll find, but we expect that there will be a mix of business vs personal sites, high vs low traffic sites, beautiful vs rudimentary site design, and a little adult material on the fringes.

Here are a couple examples for the week (adult material left out, sorry) .

This real estate company based in South Africa has transitioned from using to, and their domain is being forwarded to their new .property domain. Many companies are doing the opposite and buying the new names and just forwarding it to their old sites but JPG is all in with their new domain.

The company was formed in 2001 and “the Group offers an array of services from rental management to property finance, property assessment and advice”. “The Group currently has just over 197 owner-operated franchises nationwide, and this is number is growing on a monthly basis.”

Their website has an Alexa rank around 375,000.

If you believe in the “shorter is better” mentality, then this is a huge improvement in domain. Their original name was very long and in need of shortening. A perfect example of a company taking advantage of a new gTLD that has their company name already in the string to the right. The move also gives them a more universal name instead of having a local South African TLD. Now I know where to go when I buy my summer home in South Africa.

just property group

Who said the site needed to relate to the blooming type of flowers?

This is a personal site for Michael Flowers, and he talks about his specialties, current project, hobbies, links to his social media accounts, and pitches himself for employers.

I’ve messed around with electronics since the single digits and have been learning quite a lot: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, Angular.JS, AngularFire & Firebase, Adobe CC, CMS Solutions and software, etc.How can I put that knowledge to work for you?”

Can you imagine what a pain it is to get a personalized domain when your last name is Flowers? He had to be giddy with excitement when he realized there was a whole string dedicated to just his name. An endless amount of choices. Love his timeline to the right of the site starting with 1985……born. Also like that he is certified in “Ethical Hacking”?!? Ironically I am certified in “Pain Free Explosives” which makes just as much sense to me. His first name is reserved (most first names are reserved by all the registries) but we might see if I can get him a good price for Michael.Flowers for being featured in the first ever new G reports which essentially makes him a celebrity.

its me flowers

Not literally, of course.

These aren’t your run of the mill guitars, by any stretch of the imagination. “Have you ever wanted a vintage Fender guitar but either never been able to afford one or don’t know how to acquire the parts to build one? Flying Guitars was created after 15 years of buying vintage gear on eBay, sourcing vintage parts and re-building Jazzmasters, Jaguars, Stratocasters and the odd Telecaster for fun and personal use. After I sold a few of the guitars I had built, the idea to offer this as a service appeared.”

Great looking site. It’s not a large site, but it has enough information and pictures to pique the interest of a prospective customer and get them to reach out. He could use a little SEO work as his site doesn’t even rank for “Flying Guitars” yet and he could be first page with little to no effort. Next up “custom guitars” which would be a little more work. But I imagine he’s putting his efforts into the guitars themselves and considering the time it takes to build one, he has plenty of customers and is merely using the site to show his work.
flying guitars

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