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Following up on last week’s look at users for .Cars domains, this post looks at some .Auto domain development, representing both service providers and auto dealers. The screenshots below are linked, if you would like to check out the sites for yourself.

Remarkable.Auto – The home of an automotive marketing firm, and domainers will see they have an interesting line on their homepage, “.Auto .Car or .Cars is the new .Com!” “Specific extensions, like .Cars, .Car, and .Auto, present a unique opportunity for dealerships to secure more relevant and memorable web addresses.” This is the auto-focused site for the marketing company behind the site.

HV.Auto – HV in this case is an abbreviation for Hubert Vester, the name of an auto dealer in Wilson, North Carolina. Their domain now forwards to HV.Auto, while other sites such as and are still live.

ZMOT.Auto – A ‘digital solutions’ provider for the automotive industry, and they have another site live at “We have been in Retail Automotive since 1979, have 19 rooftops and represent 10 OEM brands.”

Colorado.Auto – The home of the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, and this appears to be a change in domain from “As the automobile dealer trade association, CADA advocates issues of importance to the auto industry in general, Colorado auto dealers in particular, and to Colorado’s driving public.”

Serra.Auto – This is a change in domain from “Serra Automotive operates in seven states and employs more than 1,800 people. The network includes 36 dealerships and represents 52 automotive franchises, making it a formidable force in the $1 trillion automotive retailing industry.”

Kain.Auto – Another shortener, from Based in Lexington, Kentucky, “Kain Automotive provides Internet Sales Training and Digital Marketing Solutions that are customized for the specific needs of our clients.”

Domain Spotlight:

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