Domain Spotlight:

This week features a few different sites and approaches to help drop a few pounds after the holiday eating season. Screenshots are linked if you’d like to check them out for yourself.


A rebrand from, which isn’t particularly radio friendly. is available for $3,988 via BuyDomains, whereas TheGreen.Diet likely cost $25 or less.

“On January of 2015 we launched a new website under TheGreen.Diet with all new features and a much easier experience to our customers as we finally drop the “Talla Baja” name and transition to Green Diet.”

“Consisting of a 3 part system working together, The Green Diet has helped many reach their goals of a healthy and natural weight loss. Combining the daily appetite suppressant pill with the fat burning drops taken at every meal and the nutritious diet written out in our pamphlet you will feel and see results.”


The domain is a shortener from, a cross fit gym based in Buenos Aires Argentina, which appears to have 7 locations. Perhaps they have aspirations for further expansion with their .Global domain?

Most of the website is in Spanish, but the title tag is “Fun, Fitness and Performance”. There are lots of reviews in English on this Facebook page.

With an Alexa rank near 3.7 million, they’re getting some traffic.


This is a thin affiliate lander which directs visitors to Zotrim, a weight loss drug. It’s not a site to write home about, but there are plenty of similar sites like this throughout the web.

ImproveYour.Diet and HungerStrike.Diet

In addition to TheGreen.Diet above, there are plenty of other .Diet sites that either are blogs or are selling subscription based services. A screenshot of a blog example is below in ImproveYour.Diet, and a subscription service in HungerStrike.Diet.

Domain Spotlight: