NNNN.com Sales List From The Last Few Months

Oct 14 2012

I used to regularly post four number dot com sales here on the blog but it got away from me for the last 6 months.  It’s something I’ve collected myself but for some reason haven’t been sharing.  As I’ve stated before, the reason I love NNNN.coms is the limited amount available.  There are only 10,000 to choose from and with enough sales data, it becomes much easier to build somewhat of a price guide.  This has enabled me to make some good buys because I know as well as anyone what I can sell it for.  I’ve also concentrated on 4 number dot com because of their price. They tend to be $700 to $10,000 which is a financial area I can afford to play in.  The NNN.com and NN.coms are, at this point, more than I  can afford to dish out to buy and sell. That same reason limits the amount of buyers as well.  A special thanks to Accidental Domainer, 4.cn, and NNNNNDomains for help supply the sales data.  Here are some of the sales from August and Sept.

0163.com $4,102
0363.com        $1,440
0819.com $1,037
1226.com      $3,000
1886.com $9,100
1956.com $3,100
1967.com $2,201
1998.com $9,305
2006.com        $6,000
2793.com     $1,110
2822.com      $3,825
2959.com $2,616
3042.com     $735
3065.com $2,488
3462.com     $765
3548.com $950
3610.com        $3,030
3651.com        $2,177
3656.com    $2,895
3918.com $1,938
4074.com      $855
4096.com     $795
4117.com $2,600
4181.com $1,201
4194.com   $735
4210.com    $810
4223.com $3,477
4384.com $1,034
4509.com     $735
4630.com $721
4769.com $780
4832.com $4,200
4936.com $4,000
5609.com     $990
5738.com       $1,455
5817.com $1,130
6110.com $2,510
6242.com      $810
6314.com   $750
6514.com   $765
6549.com $832
6638.com        $4,575
6816.com $3,321
6882.com $2,585
7041.com $660
7214.com     $1,185
7247.com $940
7301.com    $1,140
7364.com $1,314
7417.com     $1,095
7427.com        $855
7612.com   $1,140
7614.com     $765
7833.com $3,600
7881.com       $2,250
7897.com $3,711
8172.com      $1,155
8243.com $1,005
8252.com $1,900
8524.com      $690
8714.com $715
8853.com       $2,850
9166.com        $7,800
9226.com $1,680
9231.com $1,510
9254.com      $735
9725.com $1,710
9825.com        $1,260
9952.com        $2,850

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  1. Paul

    I’m new to domaining and information like this is priceless.(Thank you.) I also scan your Big Lists to get an insight into how you top domainers ‘think’ about a domain and how it may be valued.
    But from the NNNN.com list you posted I am puzzled by the big jump in price from the domains 4630 & 4769 and the 4832 & 4936. Why do the latter 2 domains command such a high price compared to the other 2?

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