Nothing Like the First Time: A Look At Aaron Johnson’s First NamesCon

Feb 24 2015

I met a lot of great people at Namescon this year.  People that I had conversations via email or text but hadn’t met in person, and some for the very first time.  Aaron Johnson , (not to be confused with Aaron W., my partner here at DomainShane) was one that I had shared a few emails and comments on the blog but it was our first time meeting.   His excitement at the conference was infectious.  He was having the time of his life and it came across.  Of all the things that I remember from the conference there was one thing that stood out and it came from Aaron.  He literally sold his first names ever during the conference week.  One privately, and one on the Domain Sherpa Show live. On the last day he said something to the effect “This thing has been great.  I’m going to take the money from the names I’ve sold and buy a ticket for next year’s NamesCon”

Richard Lau sent me an email saying that tickets were now available for NamesCon 2016, I knew that rather than writing some boring little press release type article I would simply have Aaron write about his experience.  He is the reason why you go to conferences.  Here’s Aaron’s review of Namescon

NamesCon 2015

Attending NamesCon this year was fantastic. The event is exciting, interesting, and educational on top of all that, it was fun. This is the type of event that you reflect back on and ignites that passion all over again. 

The organization and prep work for the show was done very well. From start to finish, the time and effort put into the conference was evident by the way the event went off without a hitch. Staff was around to answer questions and check-in was simple. The classes offered a nice variety in content and key speakers for both the veteran and the newer investors. Many times it was hard to pick which of the classes to attend, the app however made it easy to plan on seeing the class again if there were any openings. 

Going into the conference I was not sure what to expect, and I think like many attendees this was my first conference. From what I saw everyone was very personable and approachable. Of course it being Vegas there was plenty of refreshments that could have helped. Well played Lau. 

I managed to get a domain submitted for the live Domain Sherpa review and sold it to a Sherpa! As expected Mike Cyger put on a great show. Afterwards I found myself watching the Oregon game and having a beer with 3 of the best blog writers and domain investors out there. The next day I was able to chat for a few minutes with Ron Jackson. For those of you who have not met Ron, he is flat out one of the nicest people you will ever meet not to mention all the work he puts into DNJournal for his readers.  

I received a lot of great information and sold a domain while I was at Namescon but what stands out to me is the people and connections. There are many people I didn’t get the chance to mention in this but I hope to see you all in 2016 and work with some of you on projects and sales until then.   

Aaron Johnson

There you go. Another happy Namescon attendee and another person that loves Ron Jackson 🙂  If you want to reach out to Aaron or buy a name from him and make his year any better you can go to his website.

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  1. Eric Jenkins

    Thanks for the post Shane……At $199, that “early bird” price can’t be beat……This sounds like the must attend conference, I have only heard and read great things about it.

    Eric Jenkins

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