Domain Spotlight: Sells for $24,703

The auction for ended today over at NameJet at it went for a very reasonable $24,703.    Estibot gives this a value of $91,ooo but today we learned it’s real value. With over 300,000 searches it is pretty obvious this is going to make some money although I think the term PC is slowly fading out as the line between PC and Mac are blurred by browsers, smart phones, and tablets and slowly becoming either laptop or desktop. Any thoughts on the final price?

Domain Spotlight:

4 Replies to “ Sells for $24,703”

  1. I think the price was a bit low. It could go higher. You say “I play a PC game” even if you are playing from Mac. Let’s hope it will be developed.

  2. Price is too high. This will get minimal if any type in traffic. 300k searches per month is peanuts when you are talking about $24k. And it is a competitive term so the buyer will need to spend some serious time and money to develop the site and grow backlinks.

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