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It’s a simple game.  Post in the comments what you think the total of the final prices of the three domains below that are up for auction at the NamesCon, Right Of the Dot, Namejet auction.   You have to use a real name and real email or you don’t get paid.  And because you may have to pay taxes if the payout gets high enough.  So here is how it works.

After the results of the auction are official I will see who came the closest to the final number.  Closest and can be over or under.  Tie will go to the first person that comments with the total.  At that point I will walk to a $1 Wheel of Fortune slot machine with Michael Cyger to witness (he doesn’t know this yet) and we will put in $100.  We will make the maximum bet of three dollars and pull 33 times at maximum bet and one at $1.  We will stop pulling the slot once we reach 34 pulls or the total gets over $1000, whichever comes first.

I’ve done this a number of times with my other blog and a few times on Domain Shane, and the results obviously vary.  Never has it been zero.  I believe the lowest was $17 and the most was $247.  BUT there is always a chance the Jackpot could be won and its a biggie.  Take a look at the recent winners.   No small print disclaimers here.  Winner is responsible for taxes.  This is a game of skill (minus the slot thing) Winner can collect cash if they are in town at NamesCon but you don’t have to be present to win.  We’ll paypal or wire you the money (wire fee taken out and you may actually owe us money).  We will take comments/guesses until the guy starts the auction by trying to sell the Tropicana (he always does this).

So here are the three names.  Two have met reserves and is $1 away so they should all sell.

Domain Spotlight:

45 Replies to “Pick the Final Total of These Domains at the ROTD/NameJet Auction and You Could Win $100,000 Cash”

    1. Thanks Billy for kicking us off. If the participation has been similar to some of our other contests you may just done all you need to win some money 🙂

      1. Haha. I was on my phone and knew I would forget to post. Obviously I lose since is at 199k already.

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